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IT Work

IT Work

Foremost, I am a multi diciplined coder
But that isn't all about me.
Find here my skills and works

My Skills

Projects and Works

Few samples of my works, some of them are offline and most was made for companies so I can't post links


Many projects in classical web (html5,php,sql,css3,js), during my studies and of course for my work

  • SWAD Project Management : an intranet collaborative application for web agency (file sharing, wireframe client presentation, project scheduling, financial management, chat) made with bootstrap.css
  • Stendhal student Registration : A web application to allow student to register to their high school
  • Ambiance-Soleil Online Shop : An online Shop for "Ambiance soleil" made with Prestashop with secure payement
  • Manaode Association : Drupal website for Manaode Association, made for helping disadvantaged child in Madagascar
  • WallSelect (alpha) : Personal project, wallpapers website, my aim is to get a huge collection of wallpapers
  • Various Wordpress Website : For family, friends, companies that I know


Few native mobile applications during studies and work

  • "IUT Annecy" augmented Reality : An augmented reality application made for my college, the aim was to guide visitors and student inside campus (Localisation, camera, etc.)
  • "Three Search" : Student project, the aim was to aggregate content from 3 different social network with one keyword (Use of APIs, XML parsing,etc.)
  • "Cinmple" : Work in progress...


Currently learning NodeJS World

  • [Work in progress] Chat server for mobile Application : Doing this project for the company where I work, the aim is to build a nodeJS chat server and allow it to communicate and send push notification (via Google and Apple push server) to mobile apps (on iOS and Android). Using Express, MongoDB, Socket.io, NodeJS


Some of projects that I have done in Java, mostly during college

  • Java Corba project : Learning the Corba and object distributed architecture
  • Socket Controller : Student project, aim was to create a distributed architecture, using socket communication
  • Lego Project : By using the distributed architecture, the aim was to control a Lego Mindstorm bot with server control and client connected via bluetooth to the bot, very interesting
  • Watch the video ! (French)


Other technologies that I know, or master

  • Python / Scrapy : Using Scrapy framework to make Web Crawling spiders and get data through the web (for a company)
  • Action Script 3 / Flex : Using Flex development for e-learning interactive lessons, and e-learning game development for bigs companies
  • SQL / PL-SQL : Use of these tech for almost all my works, used with numerous database engines like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • LISP / SmallTalk : Know SmallTalk (Pharo), LISP language like Scheme (DR. Racket).
  • C/C++ : Used mostly in college, but also personally with the Qt Library

Project Management & Information System

My work in management and related to Information System

  • Project Management : Creating and setting up project management in a start-up (Project cost, time and duration forecast, ressources management, etc.)
  • IS Management : Conception and establishment of data base, server logic and process (also server Unix configuration)
  • UML / Merise : Information system and application conception using theses language
  • Business Intelligence : Modeling a BI system, with the knowledge of ETL, multiple databases, comparison of multiple software solutions (MS Bi, SpagoBI, Pentaho, etc.)